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Three Stages of Becoming Toxic:
1. As toxins enter the body, they use various pathways – the digestive tract (eating, drinking), the respiratory tract (breathing), or the skin (absorption). This may be accompanied by symptoms of pain, irritation, or discoloration - depending on the type of toxin.
2. If not discharged,they pass into the Matrix, the fluid-gel network of nerves, fibers and tissues in which the cells of the body reside. The presence of toxins in the Matrix can result in symptoms of tiredness, irritability, mood, headache, insomnia, nausea and many other symptoms. These symptoms may also be deceptively mild.
3. Again if not discharged, the toxins will then pass into the cells, building up until the cells can no longer function properly. The process of cell occupation will often cause pain from the surrounding nerves.
Your body is trying to warn you of the danger. Don’t just dull the pain with medication - find the reason for it!
 “The amount of nutrients consumed is not related to the actual ‘disease’. ”
We do not need to relate the amount of nutrients consumed to the specific symptoms of the “disease”.Rather, the body can take care of its problem, with the assistance of the nutrients. Consuming more simply provides more assistance. You are able to manage this by observing your own body, and its symptoms. Only you know just how you feel. Once you have found the level of nutrients that helps your body to improve its health, then you can reduce to the level that helps your body maintain its health. We all have health problems, even if it is just staying healthy. Consuming helpful supplements offers a solution.
*Why is it that snakes  can swallow and digest animals whole? How can a killer whale swallow and digest a whole seal? Why do humans have so much trouble with digestion, when the human digestive juices are stronger than the snake or the whale? The answer is that we humans are eating far too much cooked and
processed foods. The animals eat raw food, which has enzymes, which help the digestive process. Cooking at 60 degrees or more kills the enzymes.

*Naturally, we do not  eat raw meat. For safety we cook it; but we do not have to cook our fruit and most vegetables, and we should try as often as possible to eat these raw, and in sufficient quantity. Failing this we need to supplement with enzymes. Raw honey (6 months in the hive), or organic, naturally fermented
vinegar, are good sources of enzymes but are not always easy to find.

*Look for rich sources of enzymes in your supplements!(ganoderma capsule contain up to 400 nutrients)
*The natural action of  enzymes is to break down food, fast. This means less work for your organs, faster metabolism, better health. Once our cells detoxify, in order to remain healthy, they need daily doses of nutrients from our supplements, our food, our drink and our air supply. These nutrients are delivered to all the cells by red blood cells. Normally, red blood cells die off in 90 – 120 days and are expelled via the spleen, kidney and stools.
*Fresh cells should be made in your bone marrow– 200 billion of them – every day!  To do this, you need sufficient amounts of Chlorophyll, which you get from a sufficient daily diet of greens. If you don’t eat the greens, you don’t get the Chlorophyll, and you don’t get the new red cells. When this happens, your body has to use old cells, which must be re-cycled through chlorophyll the body systems, so are less effective in delivering nutrients, and molecule eventually you may have health problems as a result.
*How do you know  the greens you buy are full of the right nutrients? Read up on this - these days, with nutrient-deficient soils, GM foods and poisonous sprays or fertilizers, many of them are not. Even if you can find good quality, can you eat enough? Are they too expensive? Once again, there are problems. The solution is to supplement, especially with chlorophyll and iron.
*There are many products  in your home that may actually be adversely affecting your health, due to the addition of colorings, flavorings, preservatives, chemicals or the sprays and fertilizers used in their production.You are responsible for what you eat, and for your own health. CHO0SE WISELY !
*When your body detoxes, you heal your cells and organs, you heal your health problems and even loose weight. Ganoderma may assist in achieving your goals. 
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3 Stages of De-Toxification

*Your body is always trying to rid you of toxic substances, and balance itself. (Nutraceuticals do not cause this to happen – they simply help the body to do what it is always trying to do anyway.)
*Disease is the next step.
*Cells make up the organs in your body; they form the blood, bone, marrow, and any other body part. When these cells are so toxic they cannot function as they are supposed to, then symptoms of that malfunction will become evident. The heart may malfunction, or the blood cells may form a clot, or the liver may fail, or the kidney, or the pancreas, and so on. These symptoms of cell malfunction are what Western medicine calls “Disease.” Depending on the affected organ or part, and the type of malfunction, the symptoms are put into categories and given names.
But they are all symptoms of cellular malfunction, As long as your cells contain toxins they must malfunction to some degree. Only clean cells can function as designed, for optimal health and long life.
*** It is important that if you are concerned about any of these symptoms, you should seek advice from a competent and qualified health professional. Establish that your health professional understands what the symptoms of detoxification really mean. Surprisingly, many do not, and may mistakenly diagnose the onset of a disease.
Three stages of De-Toxification: 

1. As toxins exit the cells, the surrounding nerves in the Matrix will again cause the same symptoms as they did when the toxins entered. The entry of toxins may have been gradual, without much pain. The exit however, may be more concentrated so the pain may be more noticeable. Symptoms of your prevailing problem may appear – even if it is a problem which up until now has not been apparent to you.
*** If this happens to you, you will know that you are in the first stage of detoxifying. 
2. Once the toxins are back in the Matrix, the same symptoms as before may occur – tiredness, joint and back pain, irritability etc. 
3. Finally, the toxins exit the body via the same pathways available to them when they entered. They may take the digestive tract (vomiting, loose motions, urine, constipation), the respiratory tract (coughing, cold symptoms), or the skin (pimples, rashes, sweating).

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Do You Suffer from Health Problems? Ganoderma Improves Well-being

“Correct nutrition supports the body, and the body takes care of its own healanodermath problems.” SYMPTOMS ARE WARNINGS
When you manifest a symptom of a health problem, your body is trying to tell you, that something is wrong.
*We call this the “blinking light” concept. Just as in your car, a blinking light on the dashboard indicates a deeper problem elsewhere in the car, and you would not just change the light globe and ignore the problem, so too in your body when you have a symptom, it is a warning that you need to correct a deeper problem.
For instance, let us look at high blood/sugar levels. Why is there excess sugar in your blood? Possibly because you took so much sugar food that your cells, which need only a small amount of sugar to produce energy, have become clogged with it and no longer function properly. Your pancreas, which makes Insulin to help sugar (glucose) into your cells, no longer makes the Insulin because the cells cannot absorb any more glucose (so-called “insulin resistance”), so the excess sugar stays in your blood. It is so excessive your body cannot discharge it as fast as you are putting it in; and your ability to discharge toxins becomes compromised as well.
*Or you have been eating too much unnatural food, lacking enzymes, and insufficient raw natural foods. Your pancreas also helps to digest your food. Cooked food (enzymes die at 60 degrees) is slow to break down in your digestive tract. If you eat too much cooked food, unnatural food, or eat too fast, you overwork the pancreas, and it no longer produces digestive enzymes or insulin. Caused by sugar-saturated cells, and undigested toxic waste, you may begin to show symptoms of imbalance all over the body, which may cease to function properly.
*Diet choices, polluted or stressful environments, or emotional stress can make the body over-acidic, which results in cell malfunction. A desirable pH balance throughout the body generally is 80% alkaline and 20% acid. Once again, imbalance leads to health problems. This imbalance can be corrected; by supplying appropriate nutrients, helping the cells in your body to expel the toxins they contain, and then correcting your diet to one which contains 80% alkaline-forming food.
The body is programmed to maintain good health and so is always in a state of correction. As you live through the events of each day and night, your body is constantly trying to stay in balance, by killing germs or repelling toxins; but it is not always able to do this job without help.
*Essential help may be provided to the body through nutrients, many of which can be found in plants that have therapeutic properties, such as ganoderma lucidum and spirulina. Such nutrients are called “nutraceuticals.”
*Here are some of the more prominent plant-based nutraceuticals in Ganoderma:
Polysaccharides, Organic Germanium, Adenosine, Triterpenes, Alkaloids, Selenium, Anti-Oxidants, B Group, Magnesium, Zinc, Amino Acids, Plant Sterols
Do you get these nutrients in your daily diet ? 
Did you know, that enzymes and vitamins are destroyed by heat at the temperature of 60 degrees Celsius C(= 140 Fahrenheit F). This is why we are told not to overcook vegetables. The higher the temperature, the longer cooking time, the least goodness remains in the vegetables. 
Ganoderma contains up to 400 nutrients...called the King of the Mushrooms. This is why Ganoderma can be so beneficial in improving your general well-being. 
Due to the natural manufacturing process Ganoderma capsules contain all the goodness, delivering a 100% of the nutrients content. 
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